Case Study

Truck Wash Technologies, Inc., Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

SCOPE: Provide a solution for preventing anti-scale buildup as well as a reliable reverse osmosis system for effectively washing tractor trailer trucks.

CHALLENGEExtreme hardness of water resulted in extensive issue with scale build-up on truck wash equipment.

SOLUTION: OneFlow™ anti-scale and RO systems installed.

RESULTS: Truck wash equipment stays in good working condition and a clean, high quality spot free truck wash service.

“At our business, water is a huge consideration.  It takes a lot of water, and it needs to be processed accordingly.” - Jyrki Koro, President of Truck Wash Technologies, Inc.

When you’re in the business of washing tractor trailer trucks, size certainly matters. Just ask Jyrki Koro, whose Truck Wash Technologies, Inc. faces the task of keeping these enormous trucks sparkly clean. However, there is one critical element to maintaining high-quality service. “At our business, water is a huge consideration,” says the president of the Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario enterprise. “It takes a lot of water, and it needs to be processed accordingly.”

Therefore, Koro recently transitioned his 21-year operation to a Watts Water solution across multiple locations. First, the 100 GPM Watts OneFlow system eliminates scale buildup with truck-washing equipment through its chemical-free, TAC technology.

In addition, the Watts commercial RO system serves a critical role in the final rinse of the truck-washing process.  The RO removes any remnant of minerals that could otherwise create powdery looking spots on the vehicle surface after drying.

Truck Wash Technologies services upwards of 1,000 trucks each month.  As drivers wait for their rig to come out clean, they have no idea of the hi-tech processes going on in the background

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