Case Study

San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept., San Bernardino, CA

Primary booking facility for the police and sheriff stations in California’s east valley area, housing and feeding up to 850 federal and county inmates daily.

SCOPE: Protect a six-element booster heater that heats untreated incoming city water serving the kitchen of a regional prison facility.

CHALLENGE: To prevent damage to water heater from high (9 GPG) hardness levels in the city water.

SOLUTION: Watts OneFlow® Anti-Scale System, Model # OF817-8H x2 (16 GPM)

RESULTS: After 90 days of the OneFlow system being in operation, no new scale build up was found and a reduction of 90% of the original scale was removed from the older scaled elements.

After Rigorous Trial, OneFlow Defeats Scale in Correction Facility

Originally opened in 1971, San Bernardino’s Central Detention Center (CDC) is the primary booking facility for the police and sheriff stations operating in the east valley area. It currently houses approximately 330 federal and 600 county inmates. CDC also hosts a Juvenile Intervention Program for Kids (13-17 year olds) at risk.

A recent federal grant and partnership with the U.S. Marshal’s Service allowed the CDC to retrofit and upgrade its facility. In addition to new paint, furniture, metal detectors, and security camera system, the Sheriff’s department also conducted a complete remodel of their kitchen. Part of that project involved tackling the area’s water hardness problems, which was 470 parts per million total dissolved solids and 9 grains per gallon of hardness. Their primary concern was protecting the Hubbell Booster Water Heater in the facility’s kitchen. Within only three months of installation—with no water treatment—the six elements inside the heater were already requiring replacement due to scale build-up.

Unsure about gambling on a new technology, the department chose to conduct a ninety day trial period to assess OneFlow’s effectiveness. The test involved replacing three of the six elements with new elements and leaving the other three scaled elements in place. "It was a huge success," said Watts National Sales Manager Steve Callahan. "The heater was opened to find no new scale, and the older scaled elements had a reduction of approximately 90% of their original scale build up." The Sheriff’s Department was convinced that OneFlow technology is a viable alternative to traditional water softening systems, and they are currently evaluating their other facilities for applications to use this technology.

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