Case Studies

Proven on the Frontlines

OneFlow technology, with Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), has been tested in real-world applications and has been proven to continually outperform other scale remediation processes. This list of case studies are just a few examples.


CEU Credit Course

Learn more about TAC, the science behind OneFlow.


ASU Study on Alternatives to Ion Exchange Softeners

The primary objective of this study was to provide technical data to identify credible alternatives to ion exchange water softeners that would provide consumers with the ability to reduce the impacts of hard water without creating negative salinity impacts on reclaimed water. Secondary objectives were to evaluate the alternative technologies with different types of waters and to assess the technologies from a life-cycle cost perspective to determine their impacts on water and energy use.

Download Complete Study (PDF)


Master Specs

Download the OneFlow® MasterSpec® Specification



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