Keep Your City Green
Did you know that many municipalities depend on reclaimed water for irrigation and recharging of aquifers? In Scottsdale Arizona, 12% of the water supply is reclaimed.
By switching to a salt-free water treatment system you can help keep water rates affordable. An estimated 33% of the sodium requiring removal from Scottsdale’s waste water is from water softening systems. 15 to 20% of this is from residential softeners alone. Removing sodium from water requires extensive treatment with distillation or reverse osmosis which can become costly at the volume required.

More reasons to choose a OneFlow® salt-free solution
Scottsdale Water customers may be eligible for a rebate of up to $250 for the removal of salt based water softener systems. For assistance making the switch, please contact one of the service companies listed below.

  • $125 installment after initial inspection and approval by Scottsdale Water

  • $125 installment after final inspection and approval by Scottsdale Water

  • Do not remove water softener until you receive a ‘Notice to Proceed’ email from Scottsdale Water’s Conservation Office

  • Rebate funds are limited, and application deadlines apply. Complete program details are available here: http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/water/rebates

Why choose OneFlow for scale prevention?
Studies have shown OneFlow is the most effective salt-free alternative for preventing mineral scale. OneFlow systems require no salt, electricity or drain to operate. Depending on the model selected, all that is required is a change of media once every 2 or 3 years. Learn how OneFlow offers salt-free scale prevention.

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