Case Study

Quisling Terrace Apartment, Madison, WI

60-unit Apartment Residence in Mansion Hill district of Madison, WI.

SCOPE: Scale prevention system to protect domestic water heaters, valves and plumbing fixtures within a historic apartment complex.

CHALLENGE: To prevent damage of equipment from extremely high (30 GPG) hardness levels in Madison City Water.

SOLUTION: Watts OneFlow® Anti-Scale System, Model # OF1465-50 x2 (100 GPM).

RESULTS: OneFlow protects water heaters, valves and fixtures from hard water scale build up where the previously-installed scale inhibiting device had failed.

Historic Apartment Residence Chooses OneFlow Solution

Tucked away in the Mansion Hill Historical District of Madison, Wisconsin, the Quisling Terrace Apartments boasts a classic exterior and classy interior, describing itself to prospective residents as "a home you will be proud of." In order to ensure that class and pride extended to the quality of its water, the apartment complex set out in 2007 to find a water quality solution that would protect domestic water heaters, valves and plumbing fixtures from the effects of extreme hard water.

A familiar Madison landmark built in 1890, the Quisling Terrace was originally a house, but was successively converted into an apartment building and then a midcentury health clinic. In 2000 it was renovated back into a sixty unit affordable-housing apartment building. Though the building did include an original scale inhibiting device, it was not equal to the task of dealing with the 30 grains per gallon of hard water minerals. Though its compact size and low cost met requirements, the system did not effectively stop scale build up and corrosion. The complex had to replace eleven water heaters over seven years and had numerous complaints from residents about lime and scale on fixtures.

Looking for a similar low-cost, compact solution that would be effective in preventing scale, manager Kat Gallagher chose the OneFlow Scale Control system. Overnight, the complaints from tenants ceased. So, too, did maintenance and service requirements. Further, the system has the desired small footprint and does not use any expensive or high-maintenance chemicals. It has operated continuously and without complaint since its installation in December 2007.

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