Case Study

Pueblo Colorado School District, Pueblo, CO

SCOPE: Commercial kitchens in the school district needed better water treatment system.

CHALLENGE: Due to the extreme hardness of the water, scale build-up had become an extensive problem on combi ovens, causing maintenance nightmares.

SOLUTION: Point-of-use OneFlow® anti-scale systems installed.

RESULTS: Elimination of scale build-up problems.

Solves Hardwater Woes

Scale build-up in the combi ovens in all the district’s kitchens was so bad that at times lunch was served late. After replacing the ovens several times, and trying a variety of treatment systems, the school’s maintenance department was seeing little to no improvement in the scale build-up problem.

Jill Kidd, director of food services at Pueblo City Schools contacted Paul Gradishar, president of Grady’s Restaurant and Bar Supply in Pueblo for help. Within a week, Gradishar supplied one dozen point-of-use OneFlow anti-scale systems that use template assisted crystallization technology to the high school’s maintenance department.

"Since we’ve installed the OneFlow systems, scale buildup hasn’t been an issue," said Kidd. Hot meals are now prepared and delivered on time, and our maintenance staff that had been tasked with fixing scale issues are now free to handle other projects throughout the facility.

According to Kidd, the school’s maintenance department had no trouble installing the units. One thing was certain: they were happy not to deal with scale problems on a daily basis.

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