Case Study

Hahn Winery, Monterey, CA

With their location in the Santa Lucia Highlands overlooking the Salinas Valley, Hahn Winery offers wines which are among the finest in the region.

SCOPE: Treat well water used for heat cleaning and sterilization of fermenting barrels and bottles.

CHALLENGE: Hahn Winery’s goal was to ecologically eliminate chemicals, salts and waste discharge, while ensuring the highest quality water for its operations.

SOLUTION: Watts OneFlow® Anti-Scale System, Model # OF1665-75 x2 (150 GPM total).

RESULTS: Less costly up front, the solution is also estimated to save the facility nearly 70% in operating costs, mostly in salt and water purchase and discharge.

Environmentally-Conscious Family Vineyard Tackles Scale

When the Hahn Family Winery recently sought out an effective and economical water treatment system to replace their previous salt-based water softener, environmental responsibility was a critical factor.

"With Hahn Winery’s move to become more ecological, we looked at every facet of our environmental stewardship", said Hahn spokesperson Evelyn Pool. "Water treatment was an important part of that puzzle. We’re delighted with our effort to become sustainably certified in the vineyards. Eliminating salt-based softeners while adding new [TAC] scale prevention is a real boost to our sense of environmental responsibility."

The OneFlow solution chosen by the winery requires no water-consuming discharge while providing hard water scale protection. The scale prevention media operates catalytically without salt or chemicals and does not produce a waste stream. "The [TAC] scale prevention is effective at preventing more than 98% of the scale produced by the winery’s hard water," said Watts National Sales Manager Stephen Callahan. "The only maintenance required on the system is a simple media replacement after two or three years of service." That means the Hahn Family Winery can enjoy the fruits of environmental responsibility through their use of salt-free water treatment and still meet their goals for an economical solution to hard water.

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