Case Study Demo

This case study is based on a nursing facility in the US that removed a 75 gpm water softener to reduce high operating expenses.

Monthly Operating Expenses

Feed Water Hardness 15 Grains/Gallon
Average Gallons Used Per Month 200,000 Gallons
Amount of Salt to Regenerate 2,800 Grains/Pound
Price Per Pound of Salt Delivered $0.15
Additional Water Used to Backwash & Regenerate Water Softener 15%
Water Use & Sewer Use Fee Per 1000 Gallons $6/1000 Gallons
Estimated Monthly Labor Cost of Preventative Softener Maintenance Service $0/Month
Water Softener Rebed Cost (Total) $3,000

Monthly Salt Costs

Average Grains Per Month 3,000,000 Grains/Month
Average Salt Per Month 1,071.43 Pounds of Salt/Month
Cost for Salt Per Month $160.71

Monthly Wasted Water Costs

Additional Water Used to Backwash & Regenerate Water Softener 30,000 Gallons
Cost for Wasted Water Each Month $180

Operational Cost of Softener

Monthly Operational Cost of the Softener $340.71
Yearly Operational Cost of the Softener $4,088.57
Three Year Operational Cost of the Softener $12,265.71

Savings to Change Out Softener to OneFlow®

OneFlow® Tank Size 50 GPM Systems
Number of OneFlow® Tanks 1
Cost of OneFlow® Rebed (Labor & Material) $2,749.91

Return on Investment

OneFlow® Return on Investment of Originally Installed Equipment 19 Months

Cost Comparison

Savings in 3 Years $5,937.21
Savings in 6 Years $18,453.02
Savings in 12 Years $37,484.63

All dollar values are represented in US dollars. 

Disclaimer: The results shown are provided only as a guide of potential savings, your specific savings may vary due to local conditions. Consult your local Watts representative to help determine your specific application savings.