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Caesars Windsor Hotel & Casino, Windsor, Ontario

This four-diamond hotel in downtown Windsor, Ontario – with 758 guest rooms and a 100,000 square foot state-of-the-art convention center – prides itself on providing an "essence of indulgence, comfort and luxury" in "masterfully-appointed guest rooms and suites."

SCOPE: Provide scale control for 21 humidifiers that support one of two hotel towers and supply water for the hotel kitchen.

CHALLENGE: Prevent scale build up on Nortec ACS7W humidifiers from high (8 GPG) hardness levels in the city water.

SOLUTION: Watts OneFlow® Anti-Scale Systems, Model #OF844-12 x12 ( 144 GPM).

RESULTS: The OneFlow system has eliminated water-related scale issues and saved the customer money in both maintenance and energy costs.

Hotel Bets, Wins Big as OneFlow Prevents Humidifier Scale

In a comparative analysis between a humidifier treated with the OneFlow system and an equal capacity humidifier without, after 300 operating hours there was no scale build up on the heating elements and considerably less scale formation on the walls and bottom of the treated unit. Caesars Casino decided to install OneFlow units in front of all 21 humidifiers in the west block of the building as well as the supply water for the kitchen.


Before OneFlow – 300 hour operating time
Hard scale accumulation on humidifier walls and element. Cleaning unit would typically take two employees 1.5 hours.

After OneFlow – 300 hour operating time
Soft scale accumulation on the bottom of the unit only, easily wiped away with a cloth. Element was clear of any hard scale build-up, reducing maintenance downtime by 90%.

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