Case Study

Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, Eastern U.S.

Gourmet pizza chain.

SCOPE: Protect restaurant equipment from effects of hard water in a cost effective way.

CHALLENGE: Hard water treatment for restaurant locations too expensive, and the ever-increasing amount of salt could potentially change pizza dough flavor and texture.

SOLUTION: Light Commercial Watts OneFlow anti-scale systems installed at pizzeria locations throughout Eastern United States.

RESULTS: OneFlow system eliminated the use of chemical additives, doesn’t create waste water and results in zero pollution while minimizing installation and maintenance costs. It also uses zero electricity.

OneFlow Saves Dough

Anthony Bruno, founder of ACFP was dealing with extremely hard water issues in one of his franchise locations in south Florida.

Since the salt-based softeners currently in use were only reducing scale marginally, the only option was to continually increase the salt setting or regeneration cycle. For the pizzeria, the concern was that higher salt levels would change the flavor or texture of the pizza dough. The restaurant hired E.H. Whitson Plumbing to find a solution

After talking with Rick Sharp at Lion Plumbing Supply, and Rob Nehls, at the rep firm, Harry Warren Inc., one OneFlow anti-scale system which uses template assisted crystallization technology was specified to handle all four of the problems that ACFP restaurants were facing; salt use, equipment rental and service, high utility costs and ineffective scale prevention.

"The OneFlow anti-scale systems are easy to install," explained Lipka of E. H Whitson Plumbing Company. "PVC in, PVC out; no pumps, meters, valves, etc. Limited maintenance is required; systems require media replacement every three years."

The people at Anthony’s were thrilled with the results of the first two OneFlow installations, and decided right after the meeting to replace the softeners at each of the 40+ pizzeria locations.

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